Architectural Review

ARC Application

KCC Guidelines

It is preferred that applications are be scanned and emailed to however, they may also be sent by mail to the address on the application.

All exterior changes to Lots must be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee. Examples of items that need approval are (but not limited to): new siding, new exterior painting, including shutters, doors, and trim, new roofs, fences, decks, porches, sheds, driveway expansions, major landscaping changes, etc.

If you are unsure of whether or not you need approval, please contact us. It’s always best to check and be sure than have to undo or change something you’ve already completed.¬† There detailed instructions in the ARC Guidelines for what information is required to accompany the ARC application. Generally speaking, applications should also include: a plat of the Lot identifying the location of the proposed addition or change, color samples, brochures or website links showing¬† a sample of the proposed items/materials to be installed, and other details such as size, height width etc.

Once a complete application has been submitted, the ARC Committee has 30 days to respond. After the committee has reviewed your application, you will receive notification from the property manager as to the approved or denied status.

If your application is denied, please see the ARC Guidelines for the denial appeals process.