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During the past several months, the board has been making an effort to increase our communication with the Kingstream Community. We have increased the frequency of updates on the website, re-introduced the Kingstream Communicator quarterly newsletter (next issue coming in November!), started a Facebook page which can be found here, and increased the frequency of our email communications.

Silver Line Metro - Now Open

The first phase of the Silver Line Metro is now open. Here are 10 things to know about the first phase of Metro's newest line:

1: Schedules and Fares
2: Five New Stations
3: Parking
4: Walking
5: Biking
6: Bus Transportation
7: Silver Line History
8: Phase 2
9: Land Use and Development
10: Stay Informed

View the details of each item on this page:

UPDATE: Trail Maintenance

We have received several concerns from homeowners regarding the condition of some sections of the walking/bike trails in and around the Kingstream neighborhood. The board agrees that it is important that we maintain our trails, especially in circumstances where fallen trees, tree roots or weather may have affected the safety of the trails. However, KCC does not have jurisdiction over many portions of the trails around our community. We have the ability to alter or provide maintenance on the sections of the trail that fall within our common areas.

UPDATE: Basketball Court Safety Issues

The KCC Board has been working hard during the past few months in conjunction with Fairfax County Police to address homeowners' concerns about suspicious activity occurring at the basketball courts, tot lots and other areas of the Kingstream community. We are pleased to report on the following actions that have been taken in response to your concerns:
- Officer Wyatt, the officer largely responsible for patrolling Kingstream, has increased his attention to the problem areas in the neighborhood and has made several arrests for illicit activities.


The Board of Directors recently put forth a proposal to amend the KCC Declaration. This process requires a vote of at least 75% of the community. The proposal and voting form can be found on the Governing Documents and What's New sections of the website. Should you have any further questions about the proposal, we encourage you to attend the next Board meeting or email the Board directly. **UPDATE 10/30/13** This vote is ongoing until we are able to collect enough votes for the proposal to pass or not.


Per homeowner feedback, we are making a effort to include the monthly meeting agenda on the website a few days before each meeting. Please be advised this will only be a draft and changes sometimes occur before or at the beginning of the meeting. The draft agenda will give a general idea of what the board will be discussing in the meeting and as always, homeowners are welcome to attend all meetings. The agenda will always allocate time at the beginning of every meeting to allow homeowners the opportunity to bring up topics they would like to discuss with the board.

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